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Founded in 2006, Sigma Logistics offers today’s military and civilian customers with the most comprehensive set of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), R&M Engineering and overall Life Cycle Management consulting expertise.

Guy Charest, founder and president, has more than 20 years of experience in the management and application of ILS, LSA, R&M and related engineering and technical fields. He has been an active player in the evolution of how ILS principles are tailored to specific needs, and subsequently applied towards increasing resource efficiency, maximizing effectiveness and providing tangible returns on your investment.

Guy has worked on Prognostic-based life cycle management principles and field data restitution and reconciliation techniques since 1993. For over a decade, these principles have served the CF-18 fleet and have also been applied to systems such as Alpha Jets, SeaKing & Nimrod MK2 Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) systems, numerous civilian & military Flight Simulators and training systems.

In 1997, his work on Prognostics and field data analysis identified significant operational and financial advantages in the application of aircraft Optimum Inspection Intervals (OII) and Opportunity Based Maintenance (OBM) concepts.

Over the course of his career, Guy and his team have supported and delivered a number of ILS, LSA, R&M, Safety and other related projects, compliant to numerous military and civilian standards. A non-exhaustive list of acquisition and life cycle support Programs supported include:

  • Spares reductions and process improvement for world-wide civil simulator training
      centres (Six Sigma DMAIC)
  • Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft Synthetic Training Aids
  • Control systems for the U.K. MoD Astute Class submarine and other world Navies
  • U.K. MoD Self-Propelled Air Defence Detachment Engagement Trainer (SPADDET)
  • U.S. Army Special Operations Forces Aviation Training and Rehearsal System (ASTARS)
  • Canadian CF-18 System Engineering Support
  • European NH-90 training system
  • Airline and business jet simulator acquisition programs
  • Numerous Bids and Proposal supporting major military and civilian acquisition programs

With recent Six Sigma training and hands-on experience in a highly successful DMAIC project, we offer a unique diversity of skills with a broad level of experience and knowledge.

Sigma Logistics is supported by a network of highly competent, motivated experts whose level of experience ranges from 10 to 25 years in their respective fields of knowledge.
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