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Sigma Logistics is a provider of consulting services specializing in the field of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), and related technical and engineering fields.

ILS and LSA processes were originally developed for increasingly complex and costly Military platforms. For decades, ILS and LSA principles have demonstrated their importance towards achieving Military Operational readiness objectives and controlling life cycle support cost. Today, these techniques are making their way into non-military programs and demonstrating a strong and positive impact for bottom-line driven commercial applications. Sigma Logistics helps you create value by optimizing system support requirements with support infrastructure capacity, capabilities, and cost.

We understand the difficulties facing industry with regards to the limited availability of competent ILS personnel. Furthermore, this expertise is often required for limited periods, compounding your recruiting problems. This impacts your ability to benefit from the financial and strategic advantages offered through the application of modern ILS and LSA techniques.

Whether operating in a Military or Civil environment, Sigma Logistics offers you the flexibility of having highly competent staff, when required, where required, for the time required.

Sigma Logistics is supported by a network of the best experts in the fields of ILS, LSA, R&M, and other related expertise. Our highly competent and motivated experts help carry your projects forward.
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help you improve system readiness levels, increase profits, and create value.
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