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Sigma Logistics offers a wide range of specialty services in the field of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), and related technical and engineering fields.

Whatever the phase of your project, we will assist you evaluate and meet the most stringent requirements.

Sigma Logistics is supported by a network of highly competent and motivated experts ready to help carry your projects forward. Services available include:

Bid preparation
We will help review, analyze and respond to program Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Supportability, Life Cycle Cost, Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), Performance Based Logistics (PBL) or other ILS-related requirements.
Help improve your technical and financial proposals by offering an effective and efficient logistics and cost of ownership content.
Field Data Analysis
If you have heard of “garbage in / garbage out”, our field data analysis techniques will demonstrate that no matter the data, we will draw meaningful, realistic, and useful metrics to help you plan and focus your efforts and investments where needed. Our data reconciliation and analysis process reaches far beyond the data.
Metrics Program
We help define useful performance metrics that are aligned to your system support and business reality. Whether using existing IT and data or planning an IT upgrade, we are able to define a useful and efficient metrics program to significantly improve your visibility and decision making ability.
ILS and LSA Competency modeling, Training and mentoring
We help evaluate and develop ILS and LSA competencies that are aligned to your business needs. We will recommend training and mentoring solutions to ensure an effective and efficient workforce is available now and for the future.
Spares modelling and strategies
We help you model and strategize on initial spares requirements. We also optimize your spares for existing equipment. Used in conjunction with our field data analysis process, investments and processes are based on facts, data, analysis and subsequently aligned to your needs and business realities.
Obsolescence Planning and Management
We help you define and manage obsolescence risks. Whether operating or supporting systems and equipment, we offer complete obsolescence risk analysis and tailored mitigation programs covering reactive, proactive and predictive management strategies.
Reliability Engineering
We offer reliability predictions, assessments, baselines, and monitoring programs that are based on engineering and design data or derived from your maintenance and other field data.
Logistics Support Analysis
We offer expertise in all aspects of LSA, compliant to, or tailored from MIL-STD-1388 1A and 2B, DEF-STAN-060, or MIL-PRF-49506, Logistics Management Information (LMI).
We help define system maintenance plans and overall support and resource requirements. Using our field data analysis process, we improve the value of your maintenance programs by re-evaluating corrective and preventive maintenance requirements. Your system support needs are reviewed in consideration to actual reliability, performance requirements, support infrastructure and logistics capacity.
Other engineering and technical expertise available include:
Safety Engineering
Manpower assessments
Technical publications (creation, editing, translation)
Database Development and Support
Please contact us at for more information on how we can
help you improve system readiness levels, increase profits, and create value.
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