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CAE Civil Simulation & TrainingCAE

Project – Six Sigma DMAIC

Six Sigma DMAIC project targeting CAE’s spare part definition, acquisition, distribution, networking, tracking, and other related processes applicable to Simulator acquisition and Thru-Life Cycle Support.


  • Provide ILS Subject Matter Expert (SME), specifically towards Spares definition, management, and global networking
  • Participate in Six Sigma training and workshops
  • Lead the Spares Provisioning experiments defined in the Six Sigma Design Of Experiment (DOE) workshop
  • Define a sparing strategy and distributuion vs spares criticality matrix
  • Prepare user guide supporting the new spares Process
  • Prepare Statement Of Requirement (SOR) for amendments to existing Training Center Information System


  • Exceeded the target savings
  • Introduced new spares definition, acquisition, management, and distribution processes

...Customer evaluation .pdf (62 kb)

CAE Military Simulation &TrainingCAE

Project – Transition Plan

In support to CAE engineering team, prepare a Transition Plan intended for the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MoD) in support of the MAD to AIMS system transition as part of the Nimrod Mk 4 upgrade program.


  • Prepare a System Support Transition Plan covering the following support elements:
      - Facilities
      - Tool and Test Equipment (T&TE)
      - Spares
      - Technical Documentation
      - Manpower
      - Training
      - Storage and Packaging
      - Disposal
      - Safety
      - Maintenance data, database and metrics
      - Reliability
      - Obsolescence


  • Report accepted by MoD

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Top AcesTop ACES

Project – Field Data Analysis, Sparing Analysis and Training

Alpha Jet Spares Definition Program. Define and implement the processes and tools necessary to evaluate, on an as required basis, spares levels that are necessary to maintain the required Fleet Ao. The field data analysis portion of the project has been repeated to include an additional 2 year of operational and maintenance data for comparison against previously established baselines.


  • Deliver a Spares Analysis model based on the Poisson distribution.
  • Field data analysis - Using available operational and maintenance data, baseline Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability parameters required for Spares analysis.
  • Carry-out sparing analyses.
  • Prepare a tailored ILS training plan
  • Deliver ILS Training

...Customer evaluation .pdf (64 kb)

CAE Professional ServicesCAE

Projects – Marketing and Business Development

Variety of on-going projects in support of CAE’s CF-18 System Engineering Support organisation.


  • Marketing support including message creation, fact sheets, presentation material, and business cases.
  • ILS competency modelling
  • ILS training plan and training options
  • Investigation into new proposed services (analysis, proof of concept)
Alstom Transport Information et Sécurité Inc.ALSTOM

Project - RAM

Provide Reliability engineering expertise covering onboard systems. These include close circuit television systems, passenger information systems, intercom and backbone systems. Our services were retained in support of a number of urban transit systems and high speed trains.


  • Provide Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) engineering expertise
  • Carry-out Reliability and Availability modelling, Reliability predictions and Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD)
  • Prepare Fault Tree Analyses
  • Prepare final engineering reports for submission to end customers


  • All analyses and required reports on target and accepted
L-3 Communication MAPPSL3

Project – Halifax Class Modernisation

Provide ILS management expertise and ILS / LSA services necessary to fulfill the requirements of the Canadian Navy Halifax Class Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) Project.


  • Prepare and deliver the required ILS-related Plans
  • Manage the IPMS ILS activities including Supply Support requirements (PPB, provisioning conferences, PHST and others), Tool and Test Equipment List, RAM data
  • Ensure ILS element coherency amongst all parties involved including the availability of sub-contractor data
  • Act as main point of contact with the customer for ILS-related matters
  • Prepare, maintain and deliver the Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR)


Project – Bids and Proposals

Provide ILS Subject Matter Expertise (SME) for the preparation of various naval system acquisitions and modernisation proposals.


  • Manage the ILS proposal activities
  • Review and answer ILS Statement of Work (SOW) requirements
  • Review In-Service Support (ISS) SOW for ILS requirements
  • Identify ILS and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) data requirements
  • Prepare ILS program estimates
  • Coordinate ILS data gathering and consolidation activities with the selected suppliers
  • Define maintenance requirements and related costs based on supplier documentation
  • Carry-out Sparing Analyses
  • Prepare Life Cycle Cost model
  • Carry-out LCC analyses


  • On-time delivery of Bid documents. Bid packages quoted as having best ILS content.
Esterline CMC ElectronicsL3

Project – Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM)

Develop, in collaboration with Technometier, a variety of component maintenance manuals in support of CMC’s Cockpit 4000 Integrated Avionics System.  The manuals are in ATA 100 format and comply with Transport Canada requirements.


  • Produce CMMs for the repair of LRUs and SRUs
  • Write maintenance procedures
  • Incorporate Illustrations
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Perform editorial and QA audit
  • Incorporating updates and comments from CMC
Mindxpert LearningL3

Project – Prepare and deliver a 3-day course on In-Service LSA to be delivered in Singapore


  • Course preparation, including
    • Course syllabus
    • Course content
    • Business cases
    • Exercises
    • Course documentation
  • Course delivery


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